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How to make homeschooling work, even if you hate homeschooling

What I’ve learned from 3 years as a (reluctant) homeschooler

1. Know what kind of homeschooler you are.

2. Think twice before replicating school

3. Find your homeschooling communities

4. Look into different types of homeschooling registrations

5. Choose (and wait) for the right homeschool

6. Consider the reporting and teaching approach that will work for your family

7. Protect your child’s privacy

8. Get help (if you can afford it)

9. Change your life (and work)

10. You are the real home learner

11. The first year is always a shit show.

Author, Remote Inc: How To Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are. Tech speaker. Writer & data journalist for Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review & more.

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