Your urge to clean, organize, repair or cook is the way you recharge as a remote worker.

My beauty supplies are in labeled, genre-specific bins… because I had a major work deadline.

Check out the new supply shelves under our stairs, and you’ll find a 36" x 14" shelf with neatly organized stashes labeled “hair care”, “hand sanitizer”, “hand soap”, and “body wash”, as well as one…

Parenting an autistic kid made me value the flexibility everyone deserves.

Long before I had kids myself, I was conscious of the struggle faced by working parents — a struggle that begins anew each back-to-school season. In my first big job, I was hired expressly to ensure that my boss — a working mom with two tweens — could play a…

How to know when it’s worth going into the office — or getting on a plane

As offices tentatively re-open, events resume, and people start getting on airplanes again, we will have to start evaluating which clients, meetings and events are worth doing in-person and which can be done as well (or perhaps even better) as remote meetings or as no meeting at all.

It’s part…

Bank of lockers, many of them open, with a sign saying, “all lockers must be CLOSED”.

On life, liberty, and the pursuit of bacon

What’s it like to cross the Canada-US land border right now?

For most Canadians, it’s a moot point. The Canada-US border is closed in both directions, and only essential traffic is allowed.

I’m a dual citizen of the US and Canada, however, which means that I’m allowed to cross the…

Strategies to help you disconnect from work in the digital era

It’s hard to make a vacation feel like a vacation in the digital era. Mobile phones and email mean that we’re almost always within reach of our boss, colleagues, and clients.

Remote work compounds the problem: What defines a vacation if you’re already out of the office? And how do…

How to get on the same page before you return to the office

It’s one thing to have a plan for what you’re going to do when your organization’s office reopens. It’s another thing to have a plan that gets all your colleagues on the same page.

That difference is what drives the questions I hear over and over as I speak with…

Unearthing the root cause behind our collective meeting burnout

“Too many meetings!”

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, the complaint is the same. It’s not just a matter of Zoom fatigue — though yes, online meetings are more exhausting than in-person meetings. …

An “always on” existence can be extremely draining

When you work where you live, the effort to separate work life from personal life can feel like a bit of a performance: You’re hiding your PJs under a professional blazer, or throwing a green screen in front of your household mess. …

How do you draw a line between work and home when your living room is also your workplace?

In my last post I offered five principles for reframing the way you think about work and home — including the important idea that you can aim for work-life integration rather than work-life balance. Here are 6 tactics for putting that into practice:

1. Ask for help

Look for opportunities to engage your kids…

How do you draw a line between work and home when your work is at home? This is one of the biggest pain points with remote work. …

Alexandra Samuel

Author, Remote Inc: How To Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are. Tech speaker. Writer & data journalist for Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review & more.

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