7 story ideas for that new luxury toddler blog

Haute Living is seeking highly motivated experienced writers in the luxury space for toddlers/babies for our new site Totliving.com Candidates should be comfortable creating 4–6 stories per month to be published on HauteLiving.com using Wordpress, have an eye for viral news stories, a drive to network with industry professionals, strong reporting skills, and the ability to translate content into an engaging and informative manner. Looking for someone that has a good idea of cool content for babies in clothes, toys, etc.

  1. What to wear for your pre-school interview

If you were planning to roll up to Fieldston in a pair of ratty Oshkoshes, think again. To make the right impression in your preschool interview, you’ve got to tailor your look to the style of your target campus. We cover the top looks at all of Manhattan’s leading preschools, plus a few in Westchester for those who didn’t make the big-city cut. Boohoo.

2. Who to book for the big 2

It’s all well and good to have a casual cake-and-caviar for your first birthday, but once your second rolls around, it’s time to make your mark or be forever consigned to the B-list. From Yo-Yo Ma to Daft Punk, here are the top performers still accepting bookings for 2017/18.

3. My night nanny makes me drink pasteurized milk

When Mummy hired a day nanny with a Ph.D. from the Harvard Ed school and a year of training at the Cordon Bleu, I thought I had it made. She’d pop me in the limo and off we went to Brooklyn to pick up delicious raw milk to go with my afternoon macarons. Then Mummy decided it was too long since she’d been on Page 6, and what do you know, she hires a night nanny who fills my bottle with pasteurized milk, and not even the organic kind. And she wonders why I stay up screaming until Mummy gets home.

4. 8 first words that will charm Daddy

Can you say DE-RIV-A-TIVE? Too many consonants? Try HEDGE FUND. Our new slideshow will teach you the look and sound of the first words that will warm Daddy’s heart if you use them to greet him when he gets home from work…assuming Nanny lets you stay up until 10:30 p.m.

5. The best Mama-baby spas

There’s no need for you to languish at home watching Baby Einstein just because it’s time for Mama’s annual nip and tuck. We’ve uncovered the best pampering options for little ones who don’t want to get left behind while Mama’s having her work done. From an offshore island resort with its own in-house plastic surgeon and deluxe jungle gym, to a top-of-the-line private hospital that can fix your pesky ears while Mama’s getting her boobies perked up, we’ve got lots of options for the whole family.

6. Still riding off-the-rack? A guide to Europe’s best bespoke prams.

Stokke and Bugaboo are all very well when you’re summering in the Hamptons, but once fall arrives you want Nanny to parade you in style. Check out our list of Europe’s best artisanal pram-makers, and you can place your order for a stroller or buggy that won’t leave you wondering if some Kardashian is going to show up at the park in the exact same ride.

7. When will Sesame Street embrace diversity?

Sure, Sesame Street has an autistic muppet and a Latina monster, but when did you last see a character who looks like you? We hired one of Hollywood’s top script doctors to create characters who can represent America’s 1 percent. Meet Susie, the adorable pink monster who gets itchy whenever Mommy dresses her in alpaca instead of genuine cashmere; Sam, a little boy who’s too scared of water to enjoy his family’s infinity pool; and Peter, the kindly developer who would just love to fix up Sesame Street to look a little more now, if only this riff-raff would vacate their rent-controlled apartments.

Author, Remote Inc: How To Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are. Tech speaker. Writer & data journalist for Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review & more.

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