28 comfortable clothing brands for sensitive adults

I’m a cheapskate, a fashion victim, a compulsive shopper and a reluctant purger. As a result, I have an enormous wardrobe, much of it made up of basic layers like leggings, jeans and t-shirts that I’ve accumulated at inexpensive stores like Target, Old Navy and the Gap.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent a small fortune building a wardrobe for my autistic son, whose mood is significantly affected by the texture and comfort of his clothing. Witnessing the impact that’s had on his stress and mood — and writing about the impact of sensory overload on tech users — has made me much more aware of the impact that clothing comfort has on my mood and stress levels.

But my son’s favorite line of clothing doesn’t make a whole lot of adult clothing other than pyjamas, and while I’ve experimented with turning their PJ tops into my new default long-sleeve shirt option, it turns out even I feel silly walking around Vancouver in a top covered in enchanted unicorns.

So I turned to my usual source of wisdom — Facebook — and asked my friends for their very favorite yummy-feeling, basic clothes. Here are the many, many useful suggestions they came up with, along with a couple of my own recent discoveries. Additions and comments are very welcome!

  1. American Eagle 360 Flex Jeans
    I’m never buying anything else. I’ve got a pair of “7s” that come close but are inferior at thrice the price!” [David Lau]

Bonus: Local options for Vancouver residents

  1. Blue Sky
    “Blue Sky has really held up for me.” [Jodine Perkins]
    “ yes i shop there too. Need to wade through some middle-aged-feeling clothing but great for pants/tights and sometimes tops.” [ Vanessa LeBourdais]



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